Cheap Electric Guitars: Best Guitars for Beginners

For the most part, the difference between good but inexpensive guitars and guitars for beginners comes down to one thing: playing on-stage. On the whole, the guitars we discussed in our best guitars under $500 post can all hold their own when playing live. They’re guitars for players, so they use solid components even despite their relatively low price tag.

When shopping for guitars for beginners, playing on-stage is still far off in the distance. Sure, some people are prodigies and yes, you can certainly play any guitar you like in any setting, but as a general rule, the guitar you learn to play on just needs to have all the elements in the right place. You’re working on fundamentals and getting a sense of the instrument, so it probably won’t matter much to you what pickups it has, or even the body wood. The components of truly cheap beginner guitar are indeed the lesser versions, but that won’t stop you from learning chords or running scales.

To that end, there are many cheap guitars aimed at beginners. Your time with this first guitar will be spent making a lot of mistakes, and generally sounding less than stellar. You won’t even necessarily be thinking much about tone or playability, though you should pick something that feels good to you or learning will be more frustration than it’s worth. It’s also good to keep the price low in case you discover that guitar just isn’t for you. Investing a lot up front isn’t necessary, so keep it simple and cheap.

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Guide to Ear Infection

Dr Christian Jessen examines a patient suffering from something nasty in her ears, in this consultation from series one of Embarrassing Illnesses. After the results from the lab come back, it seems the patient has an infection more usually found elsewhere on the body!

My father has perforated eardrums and suffers from tinnitus. He has been deaf for many years. Recently he has been getting a watery yellow sticky discharge from both ears, which when dried blocks both why do the back of my ears smell making his hearing aid useless. Please help.

Ibe had my ear infection for a least 2-3weeks and I’ve been going back and for to doctor was prescribe amocillin and took all but still having stabbing pain and a very severe cold for 4 days I’m in bad shape ear keeps swelling and finally in opened again but still pain what do i do?

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How can I learn to play by ear/play songs without tabs?

So I’ve been playing bass for a few months and have only focused on technique, not theory or ear training at all. The band Erase Errata (one of my favorites) has some great bass lines, but they have hardly any tabs online. I figure it’s time to start learning the soft skills of bass, so where should I start trying to learn their songs?

  1. be able to sing how to play bass guitar by ear part. you cant play it if you cant sing it.
  2. listen to it and play along (having a way to loop and repeat is so helpful it is almost necessary). the first play through you might only get one note down. That’s ok, find all the times where those notes are the same.
  3. learn your intervals. once you do the songs will just reveal themselves to you.
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