Are Shock Collars Cruel?

There is a misconception among the pet owner community about a variety of different aspects of pet ownership. To start off with, a lot of pet owners seem to think that if you use a shock collar on a dog you are doing something wrong. In truth, using a shock collar can be very useful indeed, and the fact of the matter is that it is actually not nearly as cruel as people seem to think it is. A lot of people tend to assume that a shock collar is going to send a powerful current through the dog’s body. This is obviously not the case.

Just think about it, if you were electrocuting your shock you are going to end up killing it pretty soon and no pet owner is ever going to want something like this to happen. There is also the fact that dog collars are not all that big. If the shock was so powerful, where would it even come from? Dog collars just don’t have the sort of size that would facilitate the existence of a power source large enough to cause any kind of damage whatsoever.

In truth, the best dog shock collars with remote that you can find on the market is going to give your dog a light shock that is not going to be all that difficult for it to bear. Your dog will get a slight fright and it will start associating this fright with the thing that it is not supposed to do, thus helping modify its behavior and making it as polite and well behaved as possible. You are no longer going to have to worry about how you are going to train your dog if you make an investment in a dog shock collar!