Guide to Ear Infection

Dr Christian Jessen examines a patient suffering from something nasty in her ears, in this consultation from series one of Embarrassing Illnesses. After the results from the lab come back, it seems the patient has an infection more usually found elsewhere on the body!

My father has perforated eardrums and suffers from tinnitus. He has been deaf for many years. Recently he has been getting a watery yellow sticky discharge from both ears, which when dried blocks both why do the back of my ears smell making his hearing aid useless. Please help.

Ibe had my ear infection for a least 2-3weeks and I’ve been going back and for to doctor was prescribe amocillin and took all but still having stabbing pain and a very severe cold for 4 days I’m in bad shape ear keeps swelling and finally in opened again but still pain what do i do?

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