Holiday Decoration Ideas

While it might be a tad bit early to be doing this (but the excitement can no longer be held in), this article will be focusing on the Christmas decorations we put around the house and how we can up our own game to make it look a little better than our usual Christmas house décor.

Now if you are anything like me you love having themed decorations around the house as they really help you get in to the holiday feel and put across a really good vibe for the day. However, one thing I do not enjoy at all is the unnecessarily bright colours that come with the holiday decorations, especially since my own house has a bit of a minimalistic look to it, so suddenly having it flooded with bright red and green can make the entire place look really tacky. Since most people do not generally have over the top backdrops in their houses, the potential clash of Christmas décor can be a problem for many people.

Unfortunately for people like me, most ready – made Christmas decorations are not really meant to be subtle and are always extremely colourful instead of simply being a splash of colour here and there. The remedy for this is to make your own little Christmas decorations and you can start that with making your own little metallic stained nutcracker. You can usually find some unpainted nutcracker statues at shops that sell Christmas decoration and then all you really need is some acrylic paint, a few paint brushes, and some imagination. You can give your wooden nutcracker an old rusty metallic look, a shiny chrome look, or even something a little duller like a wood stain look. For a more in depth explanation¸ try going to the DreamGreenDIY website for details.