Making The Right Business Card For You

Starting a business from scratch is by no means a walk in the park. There is a lot of work and investment required on your part, ranging from land, money, resources, man power etc. Honestly it is a struggle to establish yourself and your work never really ends because if you aren’t growing, you are becoming stagnant and there is nothing worse than business than that.

Marketing and networking is the next important step. Holding and attending different business events is imperative to establishing connections within and outside of your business field. However, you need to sell your business pitch fast, sometimes you are lucky enough to get a minute or two, other times you don’t even get that. This is where business cards comes in handy, however a lot of people underestimate the impact a business card can make. So, we have taken the liberty of writing down a few pointers to be wary of when you are designing your business card.

  • Never underestimate the importance font size and type play in your card. You want your font type to be clear enough to distinguish each letter from the other without having to squint or pay too much attention. The name of your business and its tagline are considered to be power fonts whereas everything else below that are normal font.
  • Your choice of material for the card should be sturdy, it should not look tacky. Metal business cards have now become a popular choice amongst different business owners, in fact you can look up designs by Metal Kards for a better idea.
  • Your card is supposed to reflect you and your business, so choose a design and layout that best suits you.
  • Borders are never a good idea, they might look good on the computer screen but once they are printed, they look unattractive and sloppy.