Skincare: Why It Shouldn’t Be Restricted to Gender

It is 2017 now, things have changed immensely in every sense of the word. We have come a long way in terms of science, technology, medicine and most importantly, social activism. Things are very different today in terms of gender rights and norms if we compare now to 50 years ago. Back then women were restricted when it came to a lot of different things, be it the right to abortion, the right to work etc. Thanks to many feminist movements, a lot of people soon began to realize how sexism affects both the genders.

Both women and men suffer in various degrees thanks to extremely stringent gender norms that defined what a man or woman could or could not do. However, that’s no longer the case. People now recognize gender as a social construct, so it is now easier for people to be more comfortable with doing things that would have traditionally considered to be unfit for their gender.

Skincare was once solely marketed towards women because men were supposed to be “rough” looking. However, there is a lot more to skincare than just looks. It is important to understand that male skin also requires the necessary nourishment and care as female skin. In fact, a lot of male skin problems like acne, excessive oiliness etc. can easily be solved if they just focused on their skincare. Plus, men age too, and there isn’t anything wrong with them wanting to look more youthful or fresh skinned, in fact, it is good to take care of one’s skin because if you don’t right now, it’ll only continue to deteriorate later on. So, get yourself a good skincare regime and stick to it. You can check out reviews on different skincare products online, and get it now from AmaTop10.