Why Get an Inversion Table

If you are a person who suffers from chronic back pain, then you might be willing to do quite a bit to get rid of the pain. Having something like chronic back pain can be a major inconvenience in your life, and at some points even bring your life to a halt when your back pain has grown to a level where you can’t do anything because of it. This is where therapies have been brought in to help people with chronic back pain get better without constantly needing to pop pills or get a dangerous and expensive surgery.

One very popular and very useful therapy is the inversion table therapy. The inversion table therapy is based on the idea that when hanging upside down at a certain angle you are able to take the pressure off of your back and that will lead to your spine decompressing. This means that the stress and pain in your spine and your back will also be released as your spine decompresses.

To achieve the release of stress and pain in your back, the inversion table was created to help put you in the position that is required for this procedure to work. Once strapped in to an inversion table you will be able to let go and be flipped upside down at an angle so that your spine can decompress. This works by reversing the force of gravity on the body that had caused the compression and in that process release pressure and pain built up in the back. It uses the body to stretch the spine. Now as with any other therapy and procedure, you should not do this unless your doctor or health provider has allowed you to go ahead with it as it does not suit the needs of every person.